The Challenge of Urban Electric Vehicle Ownership

Range anxiety has long plagued the EV market and remains today as the primary concern of EV ownership. While EVs themselves have become more practical due to improved range and pricing, the network of chargers needed to support widespread EV adoption remains incomplete. Currently, 15% of EV drivers do not have access to home charging, and 91% of those have difficulties finding reliable public charging. Of the 37 million EVs that will be on the road by 2025, it is estimated that over five million EVs will not have access to home charging.

SWTCH EV Charging Management

Interconnectivity between EVCharger Providers & EV Drivers

SWTCH provides electric vehicle (EV) charging management solutions for commercial, residential, and workplace settings. Our patented software product is universally compatible, integrating with all EV chargers to enable scheduling, payment, and enforcement. By streamlining the charging process between EV charger providers and EV drivers, SWTCH aims to improve EV charging accessibility, reduce driver range anxiety, and promote the widespread adoption of EVs.

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Product and Service Offerings

  • • Technology-agnostic EV charging management platform
    • Cloud-based energy metering to determine cost of electricity
    • Automated billing and payment processing
    • Trust management system to protect providers and drivers
    • Availability management system to optimize EVSE utilization
    • Omni-channel platform experience optimized for every screen
    • PCI DSS compliant payment platform for secure transactions

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